Do I need a partner?

N0, Absolutely not. Salsa is a couple dance however you can dance on your own if you like too. Salsafro Dance School has created a unique structure that suits everyone needs. While you learn Salsa Dancing you will find yourself changing dance partners which it will feel a bit awkward at first but you will soon realise the awkwardness becomes a second nature and you will start enjoying it more. Salsa dancing is about socialising and enjoying a good dance with another student.

I am nervous to try

It’s normal as you are trying an unknown dance you have never experience before. Remember that everyone starts from the same place and learning will always be part of life. Salsafro Dance school provide great dance classes on a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere taught by acclaimed International dance Instructors. Learn Salsa, we are here to help so go on! Give it a try.

Do I have 2 left feet?

No. You also have a right leg and We will make sure We fix it to ensure you enjoy your Salsa dancing journey. There is no pressure even if you miss classes We can provide you with some video footage from the last class so you can catch up with the most updated students. Our Salsa lessons are carefully structured so you can learn salsa properly. Salsafro Dance School is always working hard to find the best teaching methods so you can benefit from it and put together some solid moves on the dance floor.

Am I ready to go to a different level?

One of Salsafro Dance School most important principals is to provide the students with plenty of information regarding Salsa dancing. Our instructors are always monitoring how the students are progressing however it will always vital that students and teachers communicate often. Lots of Salsa dancers don’t know what level of dancing they belong to, therefore we believe students that are quite comfortable with leading techniques, body transfer, timing and understanding of the music should move up the level. Learning Salsa takes time like anything in life. Just enjoy your dancing and don’t worry about anything else. Approach us for a friendly chat. We are here to help.

What should I wear?

You should wear light and comfortable clothes. Dance shoes are advisable but not essential though. You should avoid trainers or grippy shoes. We also advise you to bring some water as classes are quite energetic therefore you will need to keep yourself hydrated.

How long will it take me to learn Salsa?

The Salsafro Dance School is all about delivering highly professional and quality Salsa lessons with acclaimed International Instructor Yersin Rivas and his team leading the way. We make sure you learn something new every time you visit us however any kind of learning brings some homework to do and here is where you need to step up. We provide Salsa, Bachata and other lessons as well as a fantastic monthly Salsa party held every 1st Saturday of the month. This party is being created to give our students the great opportunity to practice what it has been learnt and let your hear down and dance all night to great Salsa,Bachata and other tunes. Practicing what you have learnt will increase a lot your chance of progressing. Ask our instructors for some Salsa music so you can listen it on your car or perhaps practice at home. Talk with other students about your Salsa experiences, any information will be useful. The most important thing is that you enjoy your Salsa lessons and social dancing however your progression when it comes to Salsa dancing is measured by the time and dedication you put into it. If you have any question feel free to talk to any member of our team.