Classes & Fees

Hola Cuba offers the most comprehensive Cuban Salsa classes in Newcastle upon Tyne. Our Cuban Salsa classes allow you to immerse yourself into Cuban dances in a fun and friendly environment. We have designed our Cuban Salsa courses for students of any level of dancing background. Beginners are always welcome, you don’t need a partner or previous experience to join us. After you take your classes you are entitled to stay with us for social dancing which it is the part of the night where you can practice your moves learnt in class, chill out, enjoy a drink and make friends while listening to your preferred Salsa tunes.

Once courses starts Beginners can join the courses up to week 2. However we offer a beginners pay as you go class at 7:30pm which you can join in at anytime by booking your lesson in advanced.

Students should stay on their respective level for at least 8 weeks. We believe in repetition and practicing, these are the most important elements to learn faster and execute the moves with ease. Please consult your teacher if you feel you should be moving but your are not sure. Our instructors are always on hand to help.

Students from improvers level onwards can only take one class at a time as we believe there is not such a thing as being at two levels of dancing at the same time plus we don’t want to slow down the nature of a course or frustrate students because it. We offer 4 levels of Cuban Salsa so there is plenty of material to learn at a decent pace across the 4 classes we offer. Please don’t rush the learning process. It will create you bad habits!

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Course & Single Class Fees


1x Class


Beginners – Improvers Courses

4x Class


Advanced Course

4x Class


Monthly Party

1x Night


What will I learn?

Beginner’s Course

You will be gently introduced to the world of Cuban Salsa. You will learn the fundamentals of Cuban Salsa, Basic steps and positioning, basic leading techniques and body transfer and musicality. This level is always fun as you will see very quickly how you can put your basic routine into practice on the dance floor. We advise to stay at this level for 8 classes before you move. Please consult our team before moving on.


Intermediate Course

Just before you knew it you are dancing more and more, Now your confidence should be sky high and you will be enjoying much more your social dancing. You will learn several turn patterns and apply everything learned to a faster paced music to improve your balance and much more. You should spend at least 8 weeks at this level.


Improver’s Course

Once you have polished your fundamentals and basic steps then it is time to keep building up your confidence by adding a few new moves to the previous routine you have learnt. You will be introduce to the first styling tips and keep working on your footwork, body transfer and turn patterns. We advise you stay at this level for at leas 8 classes.


Advanced Open Course

Dance like a true Cuban!! You will be learning the ultimate footwork, open yourself to learn more about other Cuban dances such as Afrocuban, Son or Rumba just to mention a few. Cuban Salsa is a fusion of lots of genres and we intend to introduce you to all of them. We expect you to dance Cuban Salsa so at this level the teaching and the music will always move to a faster pace than the previous 3 levels. We will challenge you in the best of ways and give you plenty of tools so your dance enhanced more every time you come.